K2 QUANTUM 140 G G0101

12.99 (excl. BTW 10.74)


    K2 QUANTUM is a durable and easy to apply high-quality synthetic wax. Created on the basis of the highest quality polymers, it provides months of protection against adverse weather conditions, such as acid rain, UV radiation or high temperatures.

    Thanks to the content of unique strengthening agents, the color provides a perfect finish to the waxed surface, giving it depth and a mirror shine. After applying the wax, the varnish becomes exceptionally smooth, and a durable hydrophobic layer remains on its surface, which facilitates the drainage of water and minimizes the adhesion of dirt.

    synthetic protective wax

    K2 QUANTUM is characterized by exceptional efficiency, only 50-70 ml is enough to wax the entire car and it is easy and pleasant to apply, its application and lapping does not require strength.

    In addition, the work with it is made more pleasant by the pleasant aroma of green tea, it does not stain plastics, it can be applied manually or by machine, using a soft sponge and it does not contain silicones – thanks to which it can be successfully used in paint shops.

    Before waxing the car, we recommend removing any scratches and defects from its surface – manually using K2 VENOX milk, or by machine using K2 LUSTER polishing pastes. In order to prepare the surface for waxing, we recommend degreasing it and removing residues of previous wax coatings and polishes with K2 T6 KLINET.

    You can see the effectiveness test of K2 QUANTUM in our article.

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    synthetic paint wax – comparison of k2 waxes


    manual application:

    Apply Quantum with a sponge.
    After a while, polish with the included microfiber.
    machine application:

    Spread Quantum with a soft finishing sponge at 600-800 rpm.
    Wait until dry.
    Polish with a microfiber.
    Directions: Before applying, wash and clean the varnish thoroughly. To ensure maximum durability of the protective coating, the paint should be free of contamination.


    Microfiber for polishing


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